Accord Healthcare s.r.o.
budova Trimaran,
Na Strži 2097/63
140 00 Praha 4,
Česká republika

General Contact 

Gustav Sverak

t: +420 234 234 400
IČ: 03031659

Medical Information Department 

t: +420 234 234 400
IČ: 03031659

Types of Products 

Oncology (injectable & orals)

Key Customers 

Public and Private Hospital Groups

Accord Healthcare is a young and dynamic pharmaceutical company. By being vertically integrated and owning all steps of the pharmaceutical development and production process, Accord can bring high quality medicines to patients faster, more economically and with greater innovation than our rivals. 

Accord has six EU GMP approved manufacturing plants and an EU packing site near Cambridge, in the UK that provide Accord with some of the largest production capacities in the world.

Accord Czech Republic was set up in October 2015 and since then its broad range of generic medicines have been accessible for healthcare professionals and patients.