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Accord Healthcare answer the call and help to ‘Make Room for Cork ARC’

In July, Cork ARC Cancer Support House, which offers a range of support services to people with cancer and their families, launched a major new fundraising campaign aimed at facilitating the organisation’s move to a new city premises and Accord Healthcare are delighted to pledge their support.

The campaign asks the people and business community of Cork to ‘Make Room for Cork ARC’ in supporting the €1.6m cost of renovating and fitting out Sarsfield House, a substantial, detached two-storey building in the suburb of Wilton. The new premises offers much needed space, privacy and potential for Cork ARC to deliver new and innovative services - which will result in Sarsfield House becoming a benchmark centre of excellence for the provision of non-clinical cancer support in Ireland.

Commenting on the campaign, Professor Seamus O’Reilly, Consultant Medical Oncologist said: “Since 2003, Cork ARC has been there to help people at the most vulnerable time of their lives, delivering non-clinical services that have been proven to have a positive effect on clinical outcomes, and providing a range of essential supports not only to cancer patients but also to their families.

“In 2019, those services are needed more than ever - since the first ARC house was developed, cancer has increased in Ireland by 7% per year. We’ve now outgrown the physical infrastructure of our current building. Sarsfield House will provide a more 21st-century appropriate infrastructure so we can better the deliver the services that we know will have an impact on the lives of people with cancer - that is our mission.

“Accord Healthcare, based in Little Island in Cork are delighted to have chosen Cork ARC as their staff charity partner for 2020. Our team look forward to working with Cork ARC in the coming year, it’s a wonderful charity offering much needed services right here in Cork” says Tony Hynds, Accord MD.

On the occasion of a visit by Accord Healthcare representatives Ánna Barrett to Sarsfield House today, Cork ARC CEO Aileen O’Neill said “Cork ARC are delighted with the support of Accord Healthcare.  We are privileged to welcome representatives of Accord to our wonderful new premises and to show them the purposely design facilities that we can now offer our clients and of which we are extremely proud.  Accord Healthcare are part of a quickly growing community of enterprises who have answered the call to Make Room For ARC and whose support is directly contributing to our new facilities.  We rely on public and corporate financial support for the services we deliver and we are extremely grateful to Accord Healthcare for this contribution to the extremely valuable work that we do.”

Pictured in the beautiful surrounds of Cork Arc are Aileen O’Neill, CEO, Cork ARC Cancer Support House, Ánna Barrett, Accords Key Account Manager, Michelle Hussey, Cork ARC Cancer Support House.  

About Cork ARC Cancer Support House

Cork ARC Cancer Support House has provided help, information and support to people with cancer and their families since 2003. Services include counselling, group therapies, physical therapies, bereavement support, mindfulness-based stress reduction, art therapy and more.

Services are provided by qualified experts in oncology, clinical treatment and physical/mental therapies, as well as from a network of volunteers, many of whom have been through their own cancer journey.

All services are free of charge.

If you find yourself on a cancer journey, the Cork ARC message is simple: you are not alone. 


About Sarsfield House

Cork ARC moved to Sarsfield House which needed substantial renovations, which were carried out between February and August 2019.

Sarsfield House is a detached, two-storey building covering over 700m2. The move will give Cork ARC the opportunity to grow and provide more space for cancer patients and their families. Private meeting areas and individual rooms will allow for more patient confidentiality, while dedicated areas for teens and young adults will enable Cork ARC to deliver new and innovative services.


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