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Accord Healthcare Launch Hi Tech Hub Demo Video with PharmaBuddy

Accord Healthcare have teamed up with PharmaBuddy to provide pharmacists with a demo video on how to use the HSE Hi Tech Hub.

The Hi Tech hub was introduced to all pharmacists by the HSE in March 2018 in an effort to  streamline administration of the scheme for pharmacists and to provide enhanced visibility of stock management and spending on this scheme to the HSE. After speaking to customers Accord Healthcare identified that many pharmacists have concerns with using the Hub. Accord therefore approached PharmaBuddy with the idea of creating a demonstration video and answering any queries pharmacists may have in relation to the Hi Tech Hub.

Marguerite Tierney, Accord’s PR & Marketing Manager explains “PharmaBuddy, the online resource for Irish pharmacists, conducted further research with their pharmacist members. They received a number of queries from pharmacists such as ‘how to tell if stock is dispatched’, ‘what happens if the hub generates a warning’ or ‘can the user dispense a medicine from the hub if the prescription was written inside the EU but out of the state’; from there a short demonstration video which covers all the aforementioned issues and many more was created”.

“In Accord we understand that pharmacists are busy people and we aim to be as easy to do business with as possible. We have the widest range of Hi Tech medicines of any generic supplier on the Irish market including the recent launch of the biosimilar Pelgraz.  In 2017 we issued pharmacists with a handy reference folder, which explained more about the Hi Tech scheme and each of the Hi Tech products offered by Accord. This initiative is another way we in Accord are working to be our customers partner of choice and we are delighted to offer this helpful resource to pharmacists across the country” concludes Ms Tierney.

Dr Paul Ryan, pharmacist, GP and founder of PharmaBuddy added “We are delighted to offer this video tutorial to our 3,400 pharmacist members. This is a novel way to meet the needs of our members and answer practical questions that pharmacists have about the Hi Tech Hub.”

The video will sit on the PharmaBuddy website, accessible to all registered pharmacist members and also on the Hi Tech page of the Accord Healthcare website click here to view.


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