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Accord now boasts one of the widest Hi Tech portfolios of any generic supplier on the Irish market.

Accord Healthcare has launched a new Hi Tech Resource to pharmacies across the country from August.  Speaking from the company’s headquarters in Cork, Padraic O’Brien, Accord Head of Commercial said “With our combined Accord and Actavis portfolio we now boast one of the widest Hi Tech portfolios of any generic supplier on the Irish market, which we are extremely proud of”. 

“We have developed a handy reference folder for pharmacists, which explains more about the Hi Tech scheme and each of our products. The folder which we believe will sit on pharmacist’s desks will prove to be quite a helpful reference for them.  Providing this guide for customers is another way we in Accord hope to build on our commitment to be the Preferred Partner of pharmacists across the country”, Mr O’Brien added.

Accord Healthcare recognises the increased demand for prescription drugs and new treatments, which means there is an ongoing need to deliver meaningful value for money to the state. With this in mind, Accord have developed a wide ranging portfolio of generic Hi Tech medicines, covering several therapeutic areas, such as Oncology, Neutropenia and Immunosuppression to mention but a few, which the company will continue to add to in the coming months and years.

As the generic Hi Tech product is priced 60% below the branded product, when pharmacists dispense items from the Accord Hi Tech portfolio, they are not only helping to provide a quality treatment for patients, but they are also helping the state to make considerable savings, which in turn allows access to new medicines, allowing patients access to treatments they so vitally require.

Accord representatives will be sharing copies of the Accord Hi Tech Resource from August. If you would like to receive a copy you can request it from your Accord Representative or call the office in Cork on 021-461 90 40. To see the full Accord Hi Tech portfolio click here.  

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