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Following on from the successful launch of its patient-activated, pre-filled injector (PFI) to deliver pegfilgrastim (Pelgraz®▼), Accord Healthcare are delivering another first, with the launch of their Pelgraz® support app in Ireland.

The app is designed specifically for patients who have been prescribed Pelgraz® PFI. “We appreciate that patients undergoing treatment for cancer can feel like they have very little control over their illness and we believe it is important to give patients back some sense of control. We have therefore developed our app to help give patients the confidence to self-administer their treatment from the convenience of their own home, while offering them the peace of mind that they are complying with their prescribed treatment regimen”, says Mr Tony Hynds, Managing Director, Accord Healthcare Ireland Ltd.

The app supports patients to administer their medication at the correct time and in the correct way. It also provides relevant educational content and the ability to track side-effects along with highlighting how to report any side-effects. The app allows a patient to set a reminder to administer their treatment, based on when their last chemotherapy session took place and when the clinician indicated to use the product. Once the reminder is opened, the app automatically presents the administration instructions, which includes an animated video and step-by-step instructions. The symptom tracker allows patients to log their side-effects and symptoms post-chemotherapy and track them over a given period, providing the patient with the tools and information to have an indepth conversation at their subsequent meeting with their healthcare professional should they wish.

The ethos behind Accord’s Pelgraz® PFI launch is to give patients the confidence to administer pegfilgrastim from the comfort of their own home. With pegfilgrastim administered at least 24 hours after cytotoxic chemotherapy, patients will often have to return to hospital or await a visit from a home care nurse to administer pegfilgrastim. “Evidence shows that travelling to and attending hospital visits are one of the major contributing factors that negatively impact the quality of life for people living with cancer. Reducing the number of times that a patient must visit the clinic or hospital, at a time when they are living with the side-effects of chemotherapy and when their immune systems are compromised, must be a priority for patients and their healthcare team. Being able to offer the option of spending more time at home during chemotherapy treatment is something I know patients genuinely welcome and also means that the clinic could potentially make more effective use of nurse resources.” said Prof Hartmut Link, Professor of Medicine, external faculty at University Medical Centre, Hannover, Germany.

Patients prescribed Pelgraz® can download the support app from the Apple App store and Google Play.


Date of preparation: February 2020 IE-01475

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