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Actavis UK & Ireland are now Accord Healthcare

Actavis UK & Ireland have rebranded to become Accord Healthcare.

This follows its acquisition by Intas Pharmaceuticals, through its wholly owned subsidiary Accord Healthcare in January 2017.  The combination of the two organisations facilitates Accord’s aim to become the largest supplier of generic medicines in the UK & Ireland and a leading player in the industry at European level.

Accord is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the UK& Ireland and has an extensive supply chain through its four UK based sites, helping to ensure a consistent supply of life-saving medicines for patients, whilst supporting customers to react quickly to dynamic market conditions.  

Accord will accelerate innovation through its strong focus on research and development, with the company currently investing around six per cent of its revenue in this area.  Through its focus on innovation, Accord is able to develop bespoke products and clinical programmes to rapidly reach the market and patients. This approach, its global presence and significant manufacturing footprint will contribute to Accord’s aim to become the largest generics business in the UK & Ireland.

Executive Vice President Europe at Accord, James Burt comments: “Rebranding Actavis as Accord Healthcare and consolidating the two businesses creates one of the leading generic companies in the UK & Ireland. Accord has created one of the widest commercial footprints of any European generic company, allowing Accord to maximize the impact of our fully integrated capabilities and large portfolio to deliver great service and economies to healthcare professionals, patients and payers.”

“Increasingly we are growing through innovation and bringing novel healthcare solutions and products to improve patient outcomes. Our full coverage ensures that all European patients will be able to access our growing range of treatments”.

Accord’s European portfolio comprises nearly 10,000 European product authorisations and the company’s products are sold in over 35 European countries and over 70 around the world.


Actavis UK & Ireland have rebranded to become Accord Healthcare.

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