Medicines for Europe

As Member of Medicines for Europe, we are happy to support the “Access To Medicines: Better Care for More Patients” campaign.

Medicines for Europe has developed a campaign to increase access to medicines through greater use of generic, biosimilar and value added medicines. The campaign aims to explain the benefits of more effective promotion of these medicines in pharmaceutical policies.

With this campaign we are calling for the following:

  • Generic, biosimilar and value added medicines must be at the centre of healthcare policies.
  • Barriers to competition in pharmaceuticals must be removed to provide greater access to medicines for all Europeans.
  • Governments should offer more incentives to insurers, doctors, pharmacists and patients to choose more cost-effective generic medicines over brand-name drugs. This should go beyond pricing and include reimbursement and bonuses for doctors who prescribe cost-effectively.
  • Governments and policymakers should empower doctors and patients with unbiased information about the quality and efficacy of generic, biosimilar and value added medicines. France’s public information campaign is an excellent example in this regard.
  • Finally, governments should stimulate access to generic, biosimilar and value added medicines and then allow competition to shape prices. Government intervention to artificially lower prices in an already highly competitive market is unsustainable and leads to supply shortages.

The campaign highlights the need to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, with the common interest in ensuring the sustainability of European healthcare systems, outlining that generic, biosimilar and value added medicines can be a part of the solution.   If you want to be part of the change, find our more information about our campaign.