Accord Healthcare announces European Commission approval and completion of its purchase of a Basket of products from TEVA

Accord Healthcare is pleased to announce EC approval has been granted for its purchase of European Economic Area (EEA) rights to a basket of 13 products from TEVA.  

This transaction forms part of the European Commission’s (EC) anti-trust divestiture requirements arising from TEVA’s acquisition of Allergan’s generics business, more commonly referred to as ‘EEA Basket 5’ and is the second of the “baskets” acquired by Accord Healthcare from TEVA. Completion of this transaction follows completion of Accord Healthcare’s acquisition of the Actavis UK & IE business from TEVA in January 2017.

The products are a mix of both on-market and pipeline products. These include: Abacavir / Lamivudine, Aripiprazole, Bimatoprost, Cinacalcet, Dutasteride, Enalapril / Lercanidipine, Fulvestrant, Hydrochlorothiazide / Nebivolol, Naloxone / Oxycodone, Rasagiline, Risedronic Acid, Voriconazole and Zonisamide.

James Burt, Executive Vice President, Europe said: “Our vision is to become one of the largest providers of pharmaceuticals in Europe, providing a comprehensive offering of affordable medicines to help ensure patients get access to effective healthcare. Today’s announcement is another significant step towards that goal. It will enable us to further grow our portfolio in many European markets, ultimately generating significant savings for healthcare systems at a time when many are especially stretched.”