Our Commitment to the Environment and Society

3rd January 2018

A number of teams across Accord Healthcare participated in the 2017 Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day which took place on 15th December 2017.

7th November 2017

Yet more amazing stories of the people that make all the difference to us as an organisation as well as for those in our area. 

1st November 2017

Our high performing teams love a challenge, this is especially true of Katie Sutcliffe and Dan Sanders from the QA Team who recently completed Mission:Unbreakable to raise money for the North Devon Hospice.

6th October 2017

Our teams across the country have been doing a great job in raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and on Friday 6 October...


Accord’s environmental contribution starts in-house and also incorporates different environmental practices and actions such as tree plantation and environmental impact minimisation. For example, we derive a significant part of our manufacturing energy requirements from renewable energy resources including two wind farms generating a capacity of 1.25 MW each..

As a drug manufacturer, we are committed to ensuring our manufacturing facilities continuously work towards reducing impact on the environment.

We have adhered to the provisions and rules of the Consolidated Consent and Authorization of Gujarat Pollution Control Board for the following environmental acts & rules:

  • Water: Prevention and Control of Pollution
  • Air: Prevention and Control of Pollution
  • Hazardous Waste: Management, Handling & Trans-boundary Movement

Our Matoda formulation and API manufacturing site has been recommended for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificate which is related to Environmental Aspects and Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control



We contribute to Society by supporting various NGO’s in selected programs, participate in medical camps, contribute with cancer patient associations and consistently reach out beyond the boundaries of our company to touch communities in which we work.

Some of our community initiatives are:

  • Medical check-up camps in villages.
  • Free medicines and medical camps in regions affected by natural disasters.
  • School building extension/ renovation in villages.
  • Employee volunteerism by conducting blood donation camps every year or raising funds to support cancer patient associations.
  • Donations in institutions like Kanya Kelavni Mandal run by Chief Minister for Child Education.
  • Scholarship scheme.
  • Donations to communities with limited resources.
  • To provide communities with limited resources those products that are not accessible for them due to its high cost, such as biosimilar products.
  • To run campaigns in India to cover short supply from other manufacturers for critical care products.

Accord assumes its business and ethical responsibility to create a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and a clean environment. We are committed to this corporate citizenship goal.

Accord favours cultural exchange and diversity and enforces at all levels, responsible business practices and upholds the highest ethical standards in everything from research and development to sales and marketing. In order to strengthen the commitment of our employees towards continual improvement in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), their contribution to this is considered a significant factor in their annual performance appraisal.



Accord is committed to putting user safety at the heart of our product offering and believes in enriching the lives of people by providing innovative high quality medicines. We characterise these as either Preventative or Protective measures designed to prevent occupational (pharmacy) exposure to cytotoxic residues.

Central to our Preventative measures is PharmaShield®: a system consisting on a superficial plastic sheathing around the vial, going from the reinforced non- PVC base to the vial seal specifically developed to minimize occupation exposure to potential toxic residues in cytotoxic vials.

Additionally, we ensure that before leaving our factories 100% of our cytotoxic products undergo an extensive validated washing cycle and visual inspection. In conjunction, and based on our pharmaceutical expertise and best practices, an innovative packaging design for our products is implemented to facilitate product identification and to minimize potential errors when dispensing a drug.