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Actavis UK Ltd Patient Organisation Disclosure Reports

Patients’ organisations are defined as not-for profit organisations which are patient focused and represent and/or support the needs of patients and/or caregivers. Patients and/or carers represent a majority of members in governing bodies.

In addition to supporting the activities of patient organisations, working with them can help Actavis have a better understanding of the specific needs of patients and how we can better support these needs.

The industry recognises that transparency is an important means of building and maintaining confidence. Actavis UK Limited abides by the principles of The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and in line with this; we must declare a list of patient organisations to which we provide financial support and/or significant indirect/ non-financial support, including a description of the nature of the support and its monetary value.

Wherever possible, we confirm the description of the organisation, the activities and any funding received with the patient organisation.

The activity types you will find described are: Charitable donation

Patient organisation disclosure report 2016

Patient organisation disclosure report 2017