Under the Pharmaceutical Law Act, September 6th 2001, Accord Healthcare Group companies are required to keep records of any adverse drug reactions related to their own medicinal products reported by health professional (doctor, dentist, pharmacist, medical assistant, nurse, midwife, laboratory diagnostician, EMT, pharmacy technician), and patients or their guardians and representatives.

An adverse drug reaction is any adverse or unintended effect of a medicinal product.

If you are not a healthcare professional and you have any information concerning the adverse drug reaction experienced after use of any of the medicinal products of Accord Healthcare, please complete the Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Form for non-healthcare professionals (patient or patient’s guardian, patient’s representative).

If you are a doctor / pharmacist / other healthcare professional and would like to report an adverse drug reaction that your patient experienced when taking our medicinal product, please complete the Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Form for healthcare professionals

The report will be analysed and a representative of Accord Healthcare Ltd may contact you for additional information.

Please be advised that the personal data collected in the report will be processed by Accord Healthcare Ltd. (Sage House, 319 Pinner Road, North Harrow. Middlesex, HA1. 4AF, United Kingdom) or Accord-UK Ltd (Whiddon Valley, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 7DP) and used exclusively for the purposes related to the obligation to monitor the safety of medicines. Every person has the right to access and correct their data under the Pharmaceutical Law Act, art. 36, September 6th 2001. Providing data indicated by the symbol * is mandatory. Providing other data is voluntary.


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