Gender Pay Gap Report 2018


Accord Healthcare is a global pharmaceutical company involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to over 70 markets around the world. Our aim is to provide affordable medicines that have the potential to transform patient lives.

As part of its commitment to reducing the UK’s gender pay gap, the UK government has asked all employers with 250 or more employees in England, Scotland and Wales to publish their gender pay gap figures.

This report is produced as part of Accord’s wider dedication to equality in our workforce. We continuously monitor to provide analysis and make recommendations in relation to pay, rewards and staff practices across our company.

We believe in inclusion and strive for equality for each member of the Accord team. We hire the best and brightest technical minds in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distribution, as well as sharp, forward-thinking business professionals, to work for Accord Healthcare.

We believe in creating a culture that ‘achieves’. To support this, we are looking to build an inclusive company that attracts and retains key talent. We do this by investing in training and development, tailored to an individual’s needs and providing a level-playing field that rewards excellence.

Our findings:

The UK government introduced Gender Pay Gap legislation in April 2017. The regulations require companies with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap information by April 2018 and each following year. The Gender Pay Gap is calculated across all jobs, at all levels within an organisation

As part of our growth plans, Accord’s pay approach supports the fair treatment and reward of all of our employees free of bias, including gender. We believe that not only is this the right thing to do, but by harnessing an inclusive and diverse workforce is the key to our long-term success and ambitious growth plans.

Accord-UK Ltd Gender Pay Outcomes

Gender Pay Gap for Accord-UK Ltd

  • Mean Gender Pay Gap is -10.7%
    • On average men earn 10.7% less than women
  • Median Gender Pay Gap is -8.1%
    • On average men earn 8.1% less than women
  • Mean Gender Bonus Gap is -24.1%
    • On average men earn 24.1% less bonus than women
  • Median Gender Bonus Gap is 3.4%
    • On average men earn 3.4% more bonus than women
  • The proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment is 100% for both Genders
    • We are proud that all of our employees are entitled to participate in a company bonus scheme, and are able to benefit.
  • Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile
Lower Quartile Male 68.9% Female 31.1%
Lower Middle Quartile    Male 64.0% Female 36.0%
Upper Middle Quartile Male 57.8% Female 42.2%
Upper Quartile Male 61.7% Female 38.3%