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Accord UK leading the conversation on how biosimilars can improve access to effective cancer treatments

Cancer is one of the biggest global healthcare challenges facing clinicians today. The rising cost of treatments can affect patients’ access to affordable, effective treatments.

Accord Healthcare is dedicated to improving the lives of patients, both in the UK and across the world, through their generics and biosimilar portfolio.  Accord have been engaging with healthcare professionals and NHS commissioners at two key events to start the conversation on the role that biosimilars can play in increasing access to effective, affordable cancer medicines.

Accord partnered with the British Medical Journal and the Royal College of Physicians as headline sponsors at the Global Health Horizons Conference held at the RCP in London on Monday 3rd December.

Dr Paul Cornes*, Oncologist from Bristol, presented a lunchtime workshop at the event titled: ‘The rising cost of cancer: how biosimilars can increase access to affordable medicines’. This set out the challenge that healthcare professionals tackle daily; to be able to provide the latest cancer treatments to their patients in the face of rising costs and overstretched budgets. Dr Cornes showed the potential of biosimilars to save and / or improve lives through greater access to life-enhancing medicines, both in the UK and on a global scale.

On Thursday 6th December, Accord underlined their continued commitment as leaders within oncology and were one of the key sponsors at the UK Chemotherapy Board’s annual Commissioning Chemotherapy Services Conference.  The conference aims to facilitate a consistency of approach in the national commissioning of cancer drugs and chemotherapy services.

*Please note Accord-UK sponsored Dr Cornes to deliver the workshop, but had no input into the content or views presented by Dr Cornes.


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