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Accord is proud to support the Clinical Innovation conference

Accord is proud to support the Clinical Innovation: Fair and Effective Incentives for New Uses of Established Drugs conference taking place on 08 February 2018 in Washington 


As part of this conference, Dr. Toni Santamaria, Head of Intellectual Property for Accord in Europe, will be taking part in an expert panel to discuss the evidence that many existing medicines could be used for treating diseases or conditions; in addition to those for which they initially got approved and how to effectively reward this research.   


The law of most countries simply does not provide a sufficient incentive to carry out research into new uses for existing medicines.  The aims of the conference will explore incentivising research into new uses for established medicines, which allows cheap generic medicines to continue to be used as originally approved and yet rewards the result of successful research into a new use #drugrepurposing.


Accord has more than 6,000 approved products on the market across Europe in important therapeutic fields such as oncology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, diabetes, pain management and gastroenterology. Accord is committed to identifying and developing new uses for old drugs, as well as investing into more efficient ways to administer drugs.  A key aim at Accord is to provide the industry with new therapies, whilst delivering safer products for patients.  We put quality as our number one key success factor and responsibility to our patients are at the heart of our purpose.  As Member of Medicines for Europe, we actively support the  “Access To Medicines: Better Care for More Patients” campaign.


With an extensive presence in North America, Europe, South America, South Africa and more recently in the MENA and Asia Pacific region, Accord Healthcare has rapidly become one of the fastest growing global generic pharmaceutical companies, with a portfolio of over 10,000 products.

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