We’re always looking for ways to inspire the next generation to become more involved in the future of STEM and recently, Steve Panton, our Environmental Health and Safety Manager, visited the Year 6 class at North Fawdon Primary School. Steve presented to the class about the importance of medicine safety and following the presentation the class were invited to take part in a poster competition.

The children created posters with their interpretations of medicine safety and highlight the key points they learned during the talk. Morgan, the outright winner, James, Charlie and Laurence, all aged 11, won art sets and visited us for a tour at our Fawdon factory to see their artwork displayed.

The posters were then collated and over 100 employees voted for the winners. The entries ranged from warnings about using medicines safely by being careful to check the correct dose to advice around how taking too much medicine at once could be dangerous. The winning posters are displayed around Accord UK.