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Think High Techs, Think Accord

Accord Healthcare are the leading generic supplier of High Tech medicines in Ireland1 and our commitment to the patients of Ireland means we work closely with Pharmacists across the country to be their preferred partner and to deliver high quality medicines when and where they are needed.

It’s easy for me to Think High Techs, Think Accord. The support I get from my Accord Healthcare rep is always second to none, and the High Tech Hub is another example of this support, their initiative in making the explainer videos on how to use the Hub was greatly appreciated in our community.

Independent Pharmacist, Co. Cork2

Resources for Pharmacists

The High Tech hub was introduced to all pharmacists by the HSE in March 2018 in an effort to streamline administration of the scheme for pharmacists and to provide enhanced visibility of stock management and spending on this scheme to the HSE. Accord Healthcare & PharmaBuddy created this demonstration video and follow up video when the hub launched to answer any queries pharmacists had in relation to the Hub.

High Tech Hub demo video
Accord Healthcare & PharmaBuddy created this demonstration video in 2018 when the hub launched to answer any queries you may have in relation to the Hi Tech Hub.
Date of Preparation September 2021. NA-21-558-01
High Tech Hub follow up video
Accord and Pharmabuddy created this second High Tech video in 2018 answering many of the additional queries pharmacists have on the High Tech Hub and its Contingency System.
Date of Preparation September 2021. NA-21-558-01

Our High Tech Portfolio

Mycophenolate Mofetil

Accord Healthcare as Market Leaders in High Tech Medicines

Listening to and working closely with Health Care Professionals means we are aware of the support they need:

Accord have consistently shown their commitment to community pharmacists by listening to our needs and being able to provide solutions to some of the issues we face. When the High Tech Hub was first released in 2018, Accord created an explainer video on the Hub and made it available to all community pharmacists via Pharmabuddy. When pharmacists had further questions, Accord researched the pressure points with using the Hub and provided answers to our queries by way of a second video in 2019. Things like this make it easier for us to do our job of treating our patients. That’s why when I receive a High Tech script I think of Accord.

Independent Pharmacist, Co. Mayo2

As market leaders in this area, we identified several ways to support community pharmacists with the distribution of High Tech medicines. In 2018, in partnership with Pharmabuddy, we produced an explainer video detailing how to use the High Tech Hub when it was first introduced. The feedback received on the ground was so positive, we decided to go further. After the launch of the Hub, we conducted a survey identifying any queries or pressure points for the pharmacists using it. The results from this survey showed that pharmacists needed further support. Accord once again teamed up with Pharmabuddy and produced a follow up video in 2019 answering those questions. These resources are available above.

More recently, we worked collaboratively with other generic suppliers to provide the Patient Safety Hub for the High Tech Lenalidomide. This Patient Safety Hub aims to ease the administrative burden on pharmacists when a patient of theirs is prescribed Lenalidomide.

High Tech medicines are mainly prescribed for long term illnesses. Therefore, providing a generic alternative that is priced up to 60%4 below the branded product, not only helps to provide a quality treatment for Irish patients, it also helps the state to make considerable savings. In turn, these savings are used to provide access to new medicines allowing more patients access to the treatments they need.

Looking ahead, we have a strong pipeline of High Tech medicines and we continue with our commitment to work with Irish Healthcare Professionals and to support the patients of Ireland.

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found on the HPRA website, or by e-mailing [email protected]. Adverse events should also be reported to Medical Information via email: [email protected] or tel: 0044 (0)1271 385257.

Further information is available on request from Accord Healthcare Ireland Ltd, Euro House | Euro Business Park | Little Island | Cork | T45 K857 | Ireland.
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